There is! You can book a full intro class for free, and if you decide to see more, you get your first full month of training for only $25

Once per week classes tuition is $80 per month, and unlimited monthly classes are $110 for a single student, with discounts for family groups.

  First responders, military personnel, and educators are also eligible for discount programs.

Obviously, the more you train in the dojo, the better….but ANY training is better than none, right?  And, you can also practice at home, as most of us do.

No.  We have trained with people of all age groups, from children to people in their 70’s.  Learning self-defense and getting good physical conditioning is important for everyone, no matter their age.

If one had to be in perfect physical shape before training in the martial arts, there would be very few martial arts schools in the world!  No, you do not have to be in great shape to start training.  You will go at the pace that is best for you.  If you have a physical ailment of any kind, we do ask that you let the instructors know, so that they can make sure to take that into account when you are training.  Having said that, martial arts training is a great full body workout that will help improve anyone’s physical conditioning.

Obviously, that depends on several factors:  the individual themselves, if they are practicing once a month or several times a week, if they are practicing at home, etc.  But, in general, if you attend two classes a week, 50 out of 52 weeks a year, it will take the average person around 6 years to go from “don’t know anything” to obtaining their 1st Degree Black Belt.  (But don’t stop there, because there is still a lot more to explore and learn!)

It would not be very ninja to say if we were, would it?  If you are talking about “Hollywood ninjas”, no, we are not ninjas.  We do not fly through the air, we can’t fight and defeat 50 enemies without a scratch, and we can’t disappear into thin air.  We teach the ninjutsu art of Taijutsu unarmed and armed self-defense, which were adapted from techniques proven on battlefields by the samurai.  Ninjas were basically the spies of the samurai, and had to adapt their fighting techniques to deal with armed and armored opponents when they themselves obviously couldn’t wear their traditional armor while gathering intelligence.  

Today, that translates into a style that teaches how to deal with bigger, faster, or stronger attackers.  

Budo Taijutsu has been taught to the military and police forces and are proven self defense techniques.

We are a very relaxed school.  Though we maintain discipline, we also understand this is a voluntary pursuit for most people, and it needs to be not just educational, but also enjoyable.  Our instructors value our relationships with our students, and we see ourselves more as an extended family than an instructor/client relationship.

As for the art itself: we do not focus on just one aspect of self-defense.  We do not teach just striking and kicking, or just joint locks or throws, or ground fighting, but all those elements, because all those elements might be crucial to you defending yourself or your family.  We also take it a step further by teaching weapons defense, and using not just traditional weapons, but improvised weapons for self-defense.

Click on the “book your free class now” action button on any page and get in contact with us.  We will make sure that when you come in for your first class, not only will we make you feel welcome, but we will also see that you work solely with either an instructor or a senior student your first night, to help walk you through the unfamiliar parts of class.